Come Re-Discover Your True Self
            Rejuvenate Your Body Mind and Spirit
                          Shine in Every Aspect of Your Lifeā€¦.

Our Motto

"Let Your Light Shine" Through the Sacred Teachings of our Beloved SatGuru "Master Choa".

The Prana Holistic Centre Encourages every one to become aware of Inner Self by diligently practicing Pranic Healing & Meditations based on Ancient Energy Sciences and creating a Holistic Lifestyle for All.
We welcome every one to come and enjoy the feeling of Bliss by doing Meditation in Unique Design Pyramid Hall First Time ever in Varanasi for Physical, Emotional, Mental, Financial Wellbeing and Learn and Mind fullness activities for increasing Happiness and Inner Peace.

INSIGHT Pranic Healing Technology: A Way of Life
Prana or ki is that life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy.- Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

PRANA HOLISTIC CENTRE Pranic Healing is a no-touch, no-drug, energy-based healing modality that utilizes life-force or "prana" to improve the health of the body.

Meditations: For Love, Peace & Illumination Meditation on Twin Hearts (MTH) is a pillar of Light for Pranic healers and Arhatic Yogis.

Pranic Healing for everyone at every level
The Centre offers Pranic Healing and Meditative sessions for Holistic Healing for Every One. We hold consultations and sessions of Prayer and Meditation for Releasing Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Anger etc. Especially in Pyramid Meditation Hall First time ever made in Varanasi

Wellbeing Yoga, Physiotherapy, Pyramid Healing and personalized relaxation sessions based on Alternate Therapies are all available.

Retreats We are always very pleased to welcome people who wish to undertake a personalized spiritual retreat in a pure environment with the right energy conditions,

About Us

Prana Holistic Centre is a non profitable rejuvenation centre located in the heart of the Spiritual Capital of India: Kashi. With the Blessings of Baba Vishwanath (Lord Shiva), Ma Ganga (Holy River Ganges) and our Sat Guru "Master Choa" the Centre welcomes everyone who is interested in regenerating and healing the energies of body, mind and soul and developing their human potential through ancient spiritual meditation techniques and healing methods.
Healing, meditation and spirituality are linked and work together. Meditation heals and healing improves meditation. Spirituality is what bonds healing and meditation together.If you're having trouble in meditation you may need to receive healing to clear the way.


Meditation on Twin Hearts (MTH) is a pillar of Light for Pranic healers and Arhatic Yogis. It brings peace, illumination, Self Awareness and acts as a Bridge between Soul and Incarnated Soul. It is a powerful technique for stress management. It helps in opening of the Heart Chakra and crown Chakra thereby enabling the practitioner to absorb more of the Divine Prana. It is one of the most powerful healing technique developed by our Sat Guru Master Choa which works on physical etheric mental and spiritual level.
Various other meditation techniques have been taught by MCKS for Soul Realization and Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul which is exclusively practiced by the Arhatic Yogis.

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Pranic Healing for everyone at every level
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Meditations: For Love, Peace & Illumination
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