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Benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts (MTH) is a pillar of Light for Pranic healers and Arhatic Yogis. It brings peace, illumination, Self Awareness and acts as a Bridge between Soul and Incarnated Soul. It is a powerful technique for stress management. It helps in opening of the Heart Chakra and crown Chakra thereby enabling the practitioner to absorb more of the Divine Prana. It is one of the most powerful healing technique developed by our Sat Guru Master Choa which works on physical etheric mental and spiritual level.

Evidences of Research & Practice

One of the research conducted by senior practitioner De Anna Graziano brought to light that Twin Heart Meditation has very positive effect on Psychological functioning and Quantitative EEG(Brain mapping)(P300 event related potential).The test was conducted on 12 non meditators and 12 meditators.All subjects showed significant decrease in anxiety immediately after the meditation, with experienced meditators scoring lower anxiety premeditation than the non-meditators. Non-meditators showed their happiness scores increase significantly. Higher baselines levels of "positive traits" such as happiness and calmness were significantly higher at baseline in the experienced group than the non-meditators group. Experienced meditators scored significantly higher than the non-meditators on both problem-focused coping and stopping unpleasant thoughts and emotions suggesting that experienced meditators are better equipped to manage difficulties in life. These results suggest that long-term practice of MTH results in different brain activation and additional long-term benefits.

Some of the Benifits of Meditation on Twin Hearts:

1. Reduces Stress, Anxiety, Anger.
2. Increases Contentment, Happiness, inner peace and joy in life.
3. Improves Family and Personal Relationships.
4. Increases Physical and Inner Strength.
5. Opens Awareness to the infinite reservoir of Energy, Creativity, and Intelligence that lies deep within everyone.
6. Cleanses and strengthens the Chakras and Auras (thereby makes the body on all levels stronger and more dynamic).
7. Increases Mental Clarity.
8. Increases Intelligence and Comprehension Skills.

Various other meditation techniques have been taught by MCKS for Soul Realization and Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul which is exclusively practiced by the Arhatic Yogis .