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Pranic Healing for everyone every level and Meditation in Ancient Designed Pyramid Hall

Pranic Healing is a no-touch, no-drug, energy-based healing modality that utilizes life-force or "prana" to improve the health of the body.
Pranic Healing is based on the principle that the body in general is capable of healing and normalizing itself. We all have experienced that even without taking medicine, a cough, cold or viral infection can be healed within a week or two. The healing of the body can be accelerated by increasing the life-force in the body. Just as light can affect chemical reaction, which is the principle behind photography, life energy increases the chemical reactions of the body, thereby accelerating its healing process.

Removal of Physical Ailments

For Removal of Physical Ailments the simple yet powerful Pranic Healing techniques have been designed by Guru "Master Choa" which is based primarily on two concepts –removal of dirty prana from the concerned body part and to energize it with clean and healthy prana drawing from Cosmos.

Physical Beautification

For Physical Beautification, Weight loss and Body Rejuvenation the best energy solution is Pranic Facelift , Body Sculpting and Weight loss protocol which keeps our body mind and spirit uplifted by defying age, reshaping our bodies and revitalizing our inner selves.

Removal of Emotional and Mental issues

For Removal of Emotional and Mental issues the permanent solution is Pranic Psychotherapy. For many psychosomatic problems like Stress ,anxiety, fear, anger the answer is Pranic Psychotherapy.

Removal of Financial and Material problems

Removal of Financial and Material problems the Guru has designed the course of Kriyashakti , Spiritual Business Management and Pranic Feng Sui.

Spiritual Healing and Growth

For Spiritual Healing and Growth the most potent advanced system is Arhatic Yoga . For seekers on the Spiritual Path, Master Choa has developed Arhatic Yoga which is an advanced meditational technique that proportionally balances three aspects of Universal Love, Intelligence and Divine Will.